In the past month or so, the internet has been bursting at the seams with new trailers from some of the biggest and most defining franchises in the science fiction film world. growing up in the 80's and 90's, I remember visiting these worlds and getting lost in what these incredible directors created. Witnessing my first lightsaber fight aboard the Death Star. Losing my breath as I ran for dear life away from a Velociraptor after a tour gone wrong. And racing against the clock to stop a Judgement Day brought on by technology.

It is because of my adoration for those original franchises that I was left ecstatic and hungry for more after seeing the trailers for these "reboots". It's a tough word to use because honestly, some of these are in the same universe. But regardless, it's a studio attempt to restart a franchise and I'm left giddy by the potential here. Each trailer had some amazing visual storytelling and I couldn't help but bring what was seen to life in a new poster set. I wanted to transport the viewers to these worlds and bring to life a specific and defining aspect of the footage that raised the stakes. So here you have it. Our hooded, cross guard lightsaber wielding, mystery man. The dino sight-seeing (via the awesome new Pods) gone wrong. The clock on a familiar old world brought to life in the 80's turned back.

Check out the details of the entire set in the Reboot Set Collection. I hope you enjoy the set and check back soon for more work!