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Full Disclosure: Prior to two months ago, I only heard of the modern day legends of 'World of Warcraft'. I knew that it was a huge phenomenon and I knew that one could get lost in this world, never to be seen again. Honestly, the stigma surrounding WoW wasn't terrifying to me. I grew up being obsessed with all kinds of storytelling and the escapism provided from comics and movies. It made sense to me. I just hadn't really delved into the world of desktop gaming. Then two months ago, I jumped into the Warcraft world and though I'm no level 90 Mage just yet, I fell in love with the worlds created. The detail. The complex structures and quests. I immediately understood why the legends were true.

As with anything I immerse myself in, I wanted to learn everything I could. And thanks to one incredible person with a vast amount of knowledge, I was prepared to do what I do. I decided that given the context of the game and my love of the 1950's and the style of World War 2 Propaganda, I would take a stab at representing the different cultures in the game and create a snapshot of their stories. Each of these 4 posters was an attempt to get the feel of these tribes and in some, capture the characters that have impacted them. It was an incredibly fun challenge, each poster taking about a day to create before moving onto the next one. I suppose the best way to end this post is to say that I'm not ashamed that I'll be going home tonight, hopping on my computer and questing in the Underworld.