It was in 1993 that I first fell in love with dinosaurs. After watching the Steven Spielberg directed film, I decided on my very own that I wanted to become a paleontologist and dig up dinosaur fossils for a living. I could fully envision the beauty and strength of these creatures. I could picture them move and communicate. I could see all of this and fell in love with dinosaurs because for the first time that I could remember, a film brought them to life so truthfully and vividly. 1993 was the year I fell in love with dinosaurs, but what I didn't realize until later in life was that in 1993 I fell in love with the power of film.

For these very reasons, I've been hesitant to approach creating art for the film(s) as it holds such a special place in my life. After two sequels that I didn't quite admire, I thought i'd just have to live with my constant re-watching of the original to take a trip back to 'Jurassic Park'. This past month, I was delighted and a lot more giddy than I'd like to admit to see the teaser trailer for Colin Treverrow's reboot. Just that footage itself transported me back to the days that I'd sit in the yard dreaming of a T-Rex fighting a Velociraptor as I read my dinosaur books. I have high hopes for this film and if that trailer is any indication, it'll be a great evolution for the story. 

With this piece, I wanted to capture two major elements. One element was the sense of discovery and beauty of the first film. Giving the viewer a sense of wonderment right off the bat. Playing off of the iconic Brachiosaurus scene from the original seemed like the best fit. But I wanted to offset that beauty with a sense of foreboding. A sense that something will disrupt this beauty again. The trailer introduced us to the awesome looking Gyro-Pods that the children are seen traveling in through a herd of Brachio-s. I used the destroyed remnants of this pod to hint at the beginning of the destruction awaiting Jurassic World.