Hey folks! So let me start out by saying this... It's no surprise that I'm a big comic book fan. I've mentioned it maybe a zillion times. Maybe a zillion and a half... But who's counting? It's also no surprise that i'm especially a Marvel fan. Since Marvel Studios took their properties (at least the ones they hadn't sold in the early 90's due to bankruptcy), they've managed to create a string of very strong films. Growing up, reading comic books, I would never have imagined these worlds successfully brought to film as they read in the comics. Sure, we had the Tim Burton "Batman" films, then Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and of course Bryan Singer's "X-Men" but it wasn't until Iron-Man that we started to see the pop, the bigness and the personality shine through of a comic book. Then... Joss Whedon... The Avengers... Mind Blown... Comic Book... Live Action...

So this year, we're being treated to his follow-up of the first film and I couldn't be giddier. How are they going to top that first film? Add in a kick-ass villain. Add some new Avengers to the roster. Bigger threats. Bigger stakes. See why I'm living the "giddy"? So what do I normally do when I get overly excited about a film? I make a poster... No one is shocked.

I was super inspired by the idea of this new threat "Ultron" bubbling up as a villain from beneath our heroes. They're trying to do good. Trying to find a better way, and they don't even realize it's right under their nose. I also loved the notions touched upon in the trailers (featuring that creepy rendition of the song from Pinochio) of strings no longer governing Ultron. But will he now try to control our heroes? I suspect he'll try. And that's all on this one!