It's Day 2 of my poster series "7 Posters in 7 Days: Current Cult TV Edition" and what better way to ring it in than some motherly love? Bates Motel is one of those shows that really surprised me in so many different ways. It was a show based on not only Robert Bloch's amazing novel (which I had the supreme honor of redesigning the cover for!) and the incredible Alfred Hitchcock film. It already had a lot to live up to and setting it in the modern day as a prequel was even more ambitious. Then I saw it and fell in love with the amazing performances by Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga and the style of the universe they crafted. It's out there, It's bonkers and it's really fraked up. 

With this poster, I wanted to take the essence of where the show is going and really focus on the slow descent of Norman Bates. He's torn between so much confusion about who he is, the "too close" love for his mother and the fact that he might just be very off his rocker. I wanted the visuals to really convey those varying elements and show how those things are starting to take over all of who Norman was, leaving something more sinister peering through. I had a ton of fun playing with the composition on this puppy and illustrating how the story of Norman's many parts come together.