The more I continue this series, the more I realize what a joy it's been to create posters for serialized television again. With this 3rd poster in the series now complete, I've realized that each poster has presented a set of unique challenge in their own respects but comes generally comes down to one thing. How do you take a show that has many themes, many plot lines and boil it down to a simple visual that illustrates that? With the other two posters for Hannibal and Bates Motel, which are both headed into their third seasons, I was able to latch onto the theme of where the show is headed while including visual cues from the stories told so far. With the new poster in the set, inspired by FOX's Gotham (a show that is going to air it's third episode tonight), I didn't have much to latch onto but what has been given. I very clearly didn't want to be inspired by the marketing posters, so having seen the show so far, it was refreshing to just go by what I'm seeing unravel. I'm intrigued most by three themes: Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne and their relationship to the other big character- the city of Gotham. I wanted to embrace the grittiness and harshness of the state of these characters and embrace the sense that the city around them is coming down on them. This was a challenging one, but super happy to have tackled what I feel is a (though not perfect) promising show.