Every so often a creative person feels a bit stalled and stuck with their process. After an incredibly busy year so far, I was finding myself grasping for inspiration with very little sparking me to "tell the stories" I love. It just wouldn't seem to come to me, no matter how much I tried to force this inspirational resurgence. After a while of really diving deep and many a discussion with fellow artist friends of mine, I just realized I needed to do two simple things. One was to clear my head of where I thought my work should go and get back to the basics of exploring the art and having fun with that part of the process. The other was just forcing myself to loosen up and be a bit more spontaneous with my process as opposed to overthinking.

That's when I decided to try something I started a couple of years ago by creating a time-limited poster series. I had originally started this with my series based on Hitchcock and Stephen King, eventually leading me to try designing 10 Posters for 10 Different Oscar Nominated Films in 10 Days. It was an incredible experience and really forced me to step outside of certain comfort zones and really bring the stories of these films to life in new and inventive ways. So when thinking of a new challenge, I figured why not just go for it. 

So I've decided that this Poster Series theme is 7 Posters based on 7 Current Cult TV Shows in 7 Days! I started out with one of my favorite shows on TV right now, Hannibal. Terrifyingly deep and smart, this show challenges the viewers in ways that excite me from week to week. The characters dive deep into their own and others' motives and personalities. And the style of the show is intensely beautiful, having some of the best visuals I think I've ever seen on television. So thanks Hannibal for being my first bite back into a fun seven days.