"Crazy Carrie, Crazy Carrie" 16x20 Giclee Print (Limited Edition of 30)

"Crazy Carrie, Crazy Carrie" 16x20 Giclee Print (Limited Edition of 30)

I was beyond excited a couple of months back when Gallery 1988 reached out about being a part of their tribute to horror master Stephen King. I have been reading King's work since I was a child and would often sit in book shops and immerse myself in such novels as Carrie, Pet Semetary and The Shining. Naturally, I dove right in and decided to take on one of my personal favorites, Carrie. 

I had actually created a lot of Stephen King inspired artwork prior to this, so the actual process of coming up with subject matter and approach was a lot more difficult than I had expected. I didn't want to repeat myself or lose the emotion of the piece, so I decided to go for a more atmospheric and simple piece that focused on the titular character. I wanted to use a combination of loose shapes in the fire with detail on Carrie herself as she descends into visual darkness consumed by the flames behind her.

If you'd like to pick up a print, there are some still available through the Gallery at the following link: "Crazy Carrie, Crazy Carrie" Giclee Print

Below are some shots of the finished piece in the wild: