I can recall going to the theatre years ago to watch Pixar & Disney's newest feature, Wall-e. At the time, I hadn't really dived to deep into information about the film and had maybe only seen the teaser. Still, I was intrigued by seeing what the company with an incredible animated movie streak was able to do with a little robot. What I didn't expect was to have such an incredible, heart-warming and eye-opening experience. 

The filmmakers (with expert direction from Andrew Stanton) managed to build a world that was so sad and deep with subtext but also filled with a primal hope and excitement. Equal parts silent film and space epic, WALL-E allowed us to follow the story of two robot souls meeting and falling in love amidst their first adventure. To me, the fact that so much could be communicated with so little dialogue was astounding. I knew what these two felt and how they grew and it made me smile (and at times cry) the entire way through. 

Over the years and most recently with the Doodle Duel: Pixar Edition, I keep coming back to find new ways to bring this story to life in my own ways. It's a testament to the film's impact, but really it wasn't just WALL-E and Eve that fell in love. So did I.