For those of you still coming back regularly, only to find a blog as empty as the streets of a zombie apocalypse, I apologize for being away so long. It's been a real marathon year and I've been keeping busy with quite a bit of work that'd been piling up. Regardless, I'm thrilled that you've all been checking in and reaching out to support the art I've been throwing your way.

That works as a nice little segue to talk about the beginning of a new era... Over the past few years It's been a pleasure working both in Advertising by day and creating more film based artwork during every other free minute I have. While I've learned that it's not easy for Clark Kent/Superman to lead a double life, It's taught me that at the end of the day there's nothing more worth it. To be able to constantly be challenged by the work, to continue to share gallery space with other incredible artists, to learn more about the craft on the daily and to just share a vision with you all... It all keeps me feeling as giddy as a 5 year old in a toy store.

I've redesigned the site, it's what we folk do when we get bored with an old design ( and trust me, that site design was up for a long while). But more so, I'm creating a new space to feature a new wave of work. A new space to get personal and have more of a conversation with you guys. I find myself evolving and experimenting stylistically now more than ever and the work I'm creating for some upcoming shows is feeling fresh and exciting. And heck, it was just time for a makeover. So with that, I really look forward to sharing some new things with you all! Thank you in advance for your awesomeness and stay tuned! 

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