As I'm sure you can see, it's been a pretty aggressive/busy couple of months. I just announced my participation in the AMC's The Walking Dead show, and now I'd like to announce that I'll be working with the lovely folks over at Gallery 1988 yet again for their CRAZY 4 CULT show "Say Hi to the Bad Guy". A couple of years ago, I got to participate in their second Crazy 4 Cult show and it's a great time. Those shows bring in some super fun and varied work from some of the coolest artists I've seen. This show is super cool in that it focuses all on art inspired by the big bads of the cult films we all love and know. I had a lot of fun with this one and although I won't be revealing the piece until later this week, I got to approach a new film I absolutely adore for the first time... You might know it. It's a little film called KILL BILL... Stay tuned for the reveal!!